Our Models

Reveal your personality from our severals unique designs and personal styles or with building your own Coleen.


Our most beautiful pieces

The Composer

Compose your own

Manufactured in France
50 manufacturing hours per Ebike 

High quality components,
meticulous finishing

For a new urban way of life

design at its natural best

Coleen innovation


A handmade cross frame manufactured with carbon fiber in our workshop


A cockpit integrating a HD transflective display new generation.


A range of 100 Km, a 48 Volts motorisation, up to 750W effective power


GPS tracking system, Bluetooth key to lock/unlock your Coleen, durable and reliable components

Our workshop

We are always conscious of keeping local and reasoned production to the fore, to elevate the manufacture of each one of our creations as an art form. 

All our electric bikes are manufactured by hands in France, in our Biarritz workshop, in the respect of the ethic of the sustainable development /Fair trade.

We strive to safeguard and enhance every day a precious legacy of know-how and experience, in which quality, transparency and traceability are at the heart of our concerns.

Precision technical engineering, advanced technologies, and know-how predispose our products to a reliable and balanced ride.

Our mission is to build the future.


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