The Company


We have the willing to developed the most powerful ebike in the world with an incredible weight/power ratio. And we did it! With only 20kg for 750W,

When we started in 2013 with the willing to develop the most powerful and beautiful ebike, we issued some woody prototypes, then came carbon fiber.
We decided to use technologies from aeronautics and automotive with a full communication protocole between each bike components thanks to our specific electronic integration.
That way a Coleen bike is closer a car than a bike!
We developed the first display integrated inside the handlebar stem, as a 3 inches high definition screen: an audacious project never done before!
We extended our device communication capability with Bluetooth Low Energy to connect application smartphone offering very innovative functions.

In 2018 we obtain the RED DOT AWARD and the EUROBIKE AWARD. We were also nominated as TOP 100 design influencer 2018-2019 by the ICON magazine.

In 2019 we made a specific bike for an ASTON MARTIN event in BORDEAUX, 60 years after the Carrol Shelby victory in 1959 in Le Mans.

Year 2020 starts with a new bike called THE COMPOSER, a fully customizable bike, coming through an online configurator to let customers create their own Coleen bike.

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