It is at Biarritz, in our workshop,  that are set up, designed, manufactured, assembled and painted our electric bikes. Our ambition leads us to outdo limits existingin order to give you the best in performance, mechanical engineering and technology.

For Coleen and for our partners, the secrets of a piece made with painstaking care resides in a demanding manufacturing method. We thus pay a particular attention on mastering gestures and a strict selection of the raw materials used to produce every one of our products

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We are all united by a common ambition: to work on a quality product. Our carbon fiber frames and forks require each one 35 manufacturing hours, and 50 production hours until the factory gate. A meticulous work that calls for great rigor and precision. 

At the head of the team, two vintage cars enthusiasts, both having affinity for new technologies, and an audacious project : to revolutionize the electric bike industrie with creating an Ebike with an uncompromising quality.

It is also thanks to Pierre Bigard, our engineering manager specialized in carbon-fiber design for competitive bikes, than Coleen is born, and thanks to our team of expert technicians with gold hands, who cut, apply and machine  the 400 carbon pieces that make up our frames and forks, and assembled our Coleen electric bikes.



Our mission is to simplify your journeys and make them more pleasant and secured. A hedonistic philosophy which aim to contribute to the beautification of your daily life. 

In the respect of our values, we have taken responsible development strategy, giving preference to employment and local industry.

The electronic assembly that makes up each of our electric bikes is manufactured in “Nouvelle Aquitaine” 

As part of a quality approach, each Coleen ebike is tested in our workshop before being shipped to you. 


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