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coleen bike lifestyle black composer@2x
coleen bike lifestyle opale born from legacy@2x


Un vélo connecté léger avec un look raffiné et un cadre croisé français pour vivre des voyages à travers le monde.

coleen bike confort and traditional design leather focus@2x
coleen bike confort and mobility@2x


Design traditionnel et technologie moderne unifiés dans un vélo d'exception pour vous apporter une immense expérience de confort.

coleen bike technology focus display on the composer@2x
coleen bike technology the composer high tech components@2x


Une technologie joliment intégrée pour changer en profondeur la vue et la pratique de votre vélo.

3d coleen bike the editions mariniere opale@2x

The Editions

3d coleen bike the composer green brown@2x

The Composer

coleen bike autonomy focus@2x


Integrated Technology

- High definition integrated display (800x480px - 3.2”)

- Full sun light visibility thanks to Transflective technology

- Incoming call, text and phone low battery notifications

- USB port to charge your phone

coleen bike pilotage focus @2x


A very good weight-power ratio

- A nicely hidden 2.3 kg motor without affecting manoeuverability

- Best performance for a power centrally transmitted to the motion wheel

- Smoothed and reactive motion thanks to power needs sensors

coleen bike 3d puissance focus@2x


An amazing energy output

- A reduced consumption thanks to a higher voltage (529Wh / 48V)

- 2h30 charging for 100 km autonomy

- 5 years life battery on a daily use

Smoothness & Power

Integrated torque sensor

Iphone 1 mockup
Iphone 2 - mockup


A true complementary and useful piloting center

- Mobilekey system to look/unlock your bike by proximity detection

- Automatic Antitheft Alert System to notify you if your bike has moved

- Find your bike and directions to reach it

- Review your trip history

coleen-h07 coleen-h07
coleen bike material details pano@2x

COLEEN epitomizes all the qualities of a minimalist design and sharp lines, preserving the delicacy of details. A distinctive identity as a result of the various high range materials that makes it. An assertive aestheticism and a painstaking work which we would like to invite you to explore in our workshop.

  • Long time tested geometry Electronic device
  • Long time tested geometry Géométrie testée depuis longtemps
  • Transparent integration Intégration transparente
  • Carbon & Aluminium Full grain leather
  • Carbon & Aluminium Carbone & Aluminium
coleen bike components pano@2x

We have opted to work on state-of-the-art technologies to give you the best. A powerful motor, Lightweight yet extremely robust materials, joined together as a performant ebike. Enjoy your ride!

  • Progressive Hydraulic Brake Frein hydraulique progressif
  • Front Daylight Lumière du jour avant
  • MobileKey MobileKey
  • Anti-theft alert system Système d'alerte antivol
  • Find my bike Trouver mon vélo
coleen bike pilotage pano@2x

With a transflective 3.2” colour LCD technology, COLEEN will offer you a unique journey. The colour screen and Bluetooth connectivity is linking each ebike to its owner and will notifies you incoming call notification, received text and alarm indications. Necessary data entered during your journey will be saved on your application. A GPS tracking system will allows you to locate your COLEEN’s exact position and to track it in real time in case your ebike has been stolen. A front USB slot is provided to charge your smartphone. Our control Pad was developed especially to enhance you each feature within reach.

  • Large screen Grand écran
  • All-in-one Control pad Clavier de commande tout-en-un
  • Distance autonomy indicator Indicateur d'autonomie à distance
  • Call notifications Notifications d'appel
  • Text notifications Notifications textuelles
coleen bike ergonomics integrations pano@2x

Ease of operation, perfect ergonomic design and optimum visibility with powerful lighting will offer you secured rides. The equipment supplied each day by COLEEN enhances comfort, security and efficiency: a belt drive system provides solutions against grease and derailing in urban environment. The transflective 3.2” colour LCD technology integrated in the stem ensures excellent readability, even in sunlight. Due to the Mobile Key system, a key is no longer needed to lock or power up your COLEEN. Combining high-quality materials and a sleek design, we provide you the promise of a relaxed and safer ride.

  • Front Daylight USB port
  • MobileKey MobileKey
  • Backlighting Automatic lights
  • Greaseless Beltdrive Beltdrive sans graisse
  • Standalone Battery block Removable battery
  • 2:30h full charge 1:30h 80% Fast charge 1h30 for 80%
  • Power response Réponse de puissance
  • Motor on wheel axis Moteur sur axe de roue
  • Autonomy of 80 to 100 kms Autonomie de 80 à 100 kms
  • Find my bike Trouver mon vélo

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The Editions

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The Composer

3d coleen bike discover technology the composer@2x